Podcast Review - Free Agents 25: Breadcrumb of My Life, with Stephen Hackett

Jul 12, 2017

Free Agents is a relatively new podcast and is hosted by Jason Snell and David Sparks. Our hosts do freelance work now and each episode of Free Agents usually covers a topic that affects a freelancer’s career. Episode 25 is an interview though.

The guest is a man I know very little about - Stephen Hackett.

Stephen is the co-founder of Relay FM and shares the business load with his business partner. What made this podcast interesting to me was hearing the story of Stephen’s decisions and personal situations leading up to his leaving his job and going full-time on his own business.

What makes Stephen’s story even more enticing is that he is married with 3 kids when he decided to leave his job for Relay FM. His decision making process over this time is fascinating to hear.

Stephen also relates the story of how Relay FM’s business improved once his partner went full-time. Noting that productivity and efficiency improved now that one of them was able to spend all working hours on the business.

He also talked about the challenges of finding space to work and trying to restrict time spent working to maintain a good work/life balance.

I liked how he talked about the areas of responsibility in Relay FM and how he and his partner are in charge of their respective areas. And also how our goals define what we focus on and that these goals really should include personal goals such as spending time with the family.

Source: https://www.relay.fm/freeagents/25

This is part of my podcast review series where I review episodes of my favourite podcasts.