Podcast Review - ATP 226: Smooth Scrolling Is For Suckers

Jun 20, 2017

It is easy to enjoy Accidental Tech Podcast. From the first second to the last, the show follows a regular rhythm. #226 starts off by shattering the 4th wall when John jokes that there is too much follow-up. And then the show quickly moves into self-deprecating humour.

Of course it isn’t really self-deprecating since it was Marco dissing John’s archaic museum ready Mac Pro. I still feel it is self-deprecating as all hosts play along in good humour. They’re doing it because the story builds on previous ones and they know their audience will find it funny.

John, Marco, and Casey then went through follow-up.

Casey does a great job driving the show’s progression. His job on the show appears to be that of a panel host. He leads us through the show’s topics and prompts Marco and John to participate. He is the glue for the show.

They’re discussing iOS11…. I care, a little, but I may never see iOS11. I don’t own an iPhone or an iPad. I am thinking of buying a new iPad Pro when it becomes available in my expensive country.

They talked a lot about unimportant stuff that doesn’t affect me. I’m waiting for the discussion about the new iPads. I’m trying to get as many reviews as possible for the new iPad Pros so this was something I really wanted to listen to.


Marco and Casey both love the new refresh rate of the new iPads. Marco uses it as his kitchen computer. They say that the 120hz refresh rate affects the display in so many awesome ways and Marco reckons you will not want to go back to your old display.

John said “I guarantee you there are people who you will put this thing in front of who will have no idea that it’s 120hz, will not be able to distinguish between the two and will not care about it.” This is typical of John’s attitude and life view and brings a pleasant wallop of stark reality.

And that’s it. The show is over and the end credit song is playing.

We now enter the after-show that is thankfully part of the same show and not a different show that I would never bother to download. Now it is Casey’s turn to tell us some stories. HORROR stories from WWDC….

Casey “stole” his network adapter from WWDC. Which made me wonder why he doesn’t mark his belongings. Which made me realise I need to mark my belongings.

Then he related a tip on how you can use a zip tie to lock a network cable into a network point. To which I thought any sharp object would defeat that. But, then I realised that nobody there has anything sharp because they had to fly there….

They also marvelled at how pleasant San Jose is for WWDC and how often they would see each other. Marco lived at some local coffee shop. He did WWDC the way I would love to do any conference - in his own time and on his own terms.

Now they discussed WWDC food where Casey discovered that fruit juice is basically sugar and John’s description of the food is wonderful. To be clear, the food sounds horrendous – from Johns hate of wraps to Casey thinking he may have eaten someone’s finger tip.

Casey’s story about being unable to open cream cheese containers is funny beyond reason. “I tried with my teeth and couldn’t get it”, omg, the best. Thank you for sharing this Casey.

Source: http://atp.fm/episodes/226

This is part of my podcast review series where I review episodes of my favourite podcasts.