The Vacation

I had to take vacation, 15 days. It was a case of use it or lose it. The first day of my vacation was actually last Friday when I went with the family to nearby George for a long weekend. That wasn’t as much fun as I would’ve liked.

It was cold, soggy, and we had to contend with the twins (almost 4 years old now). Plus, our accommodation left a lot to be desired. My new personal holiday rule is to avoid 3 star accommodation that happens to also be a camping site.

However, a long weekend barely covers 15 days of leave, and Monday doesn’t count as it was a public holiday. That makes today the first day of my grand up-skill plan.

The Plan

I want to deep-dive into Go. The programming language, not the game. I’ve already covered the basics of the language so this next step is to really get familiar with Go and some of the more advanced features.

Day 0

I did nothing. The vacation state of mind was incredibly strong. I’ll start tomorrow.